Home Schooling

In home schooling, you’re searching for tools and techniques to teach concepts and give your child an educational advantage. Visual sketches are a fast and fun way to promote discovery learning. Use Conojo for study projects, presentations and reports. Explain complex topics with step-by-step screen captures. Use boards and videos for frequent review. Share videos and explanations with others in… Read more →

Strength in Numbers

Teachers and Tutors

As a teacher or tutor, you can use Conojo to share content in real-time or asynchronously with your students. You can easily check and give feedback on students’ homework or group work. Promote visual learning in topics including language arts, math, history, geography and science. Conojo enriches interaction in the classroom and homework sessions by offering a platform to work… Read more →



Looking for a way to show your child exactly what you mean? Use Conojo to explain complex concepts – math, history, language arts, science or physics. Engage your child with active learning, explaining concepts on the spot and with screen capture videos. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Read more →


As a student, you must take notes, study and present information in visually memorable ways. With Conojo boards, it’s even easier to get an A+ in your classes. Transform written notes into colorful charts and diagrams. Capture doodles and sketches in seconds. Present your ideas with a dramatic flair, with freehand sketches and explanation videos. Use Conojo boards to work… Read more →

Publishing Houses

Publishing houses frequently work with a team of freelancers and external authors for editorial work. In this creative process, a lot of feedback has to be exchanged and a lot of discussions are led. What tool could be better suited than Conojo to offer an open and collaborative workspace? It is the perfect platform to bring your different stakeholders on… Read more →

Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you need to deal with a lot of plans in order to present interesting properties to your clients. Conojo simplifies and speeds up this process by providing a real-time platform to exchange feedback but also by giving you access to content asynchronously. Clients can follow up on plans, and discuss and gain agreement with their… Read more →

Clubs and Associations

Clubs and associations often need to share documents but do have not the necessary infrastructure in terms of IT. Conojo solves this issue by giving organizers and association members access to content directly on boards. There, you can discuss and share opinions. This is the fast way to gain buy-in and momentum for productive decision making. Read more →


Startups need to discuss a lot of concepts and ideas internally and with external consultants, often using the Business Model Canvas and lean startup principles. Conojo speeds up this process and helps your team avoid misunderstandings and pitfalls. With a wide open workspace for creative, visual collaboration, your ideas and products can rapiidly come to life rapidly Read more →

Engineering Companies

In engineering companies, you have to share and discuss a lot of models, plans and CAD drafts with your team before sending outputs to your clients. Simplify and speed this process with Conojo. Discuss via Bluetooth. Share ideas with screen capture. Use a real-time platform to share and discuss ideas. Read more →

Designers and Creatives

As a designer and creative, you can use Conojo to bring ideas to life and get feedback from clients at any stage of the creative process. Drafts can be exchanged in real-time, engaging your client every step of the way. Results can be reviewed and approved, radically reducing project time. Read more →