iPad Development grown up

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[h2]Apps designed with you in mind. [/h2]

Viz: Being visual learners, we always want to see a picture. No doubt it makes it easier to decide what you want. Training and teaching how to communicate with hand-drawn images, we’ve helped thousands of people to get their point across – faster.

 Mojo: Never mind what word you use, if you are in sync or in the groove, using an iPad there’s a sense of delight rushing through you. Effortlessly using an application to express yourself. The “I got it!” moment is what we want to capture. Our educational apps do just that: make you feel great…and look great.

What connects the question, “Show me what you mean?” to the answer, “Oh. I got it!” That’s what we we call Mojo. We make easy for you to catch the Mojo and pass it on.

 Labs: On the lookout for new ways to communicate. To teach with passion, we’ve totally embraced the iPad technology. And while the analogy is simplistic, the iPad is just like life: you’ve got to try it.

Combine visual learning with iPad touch simplicity and you’ve got the perfect tool to express any idea. Set up your own creative lab with our simple yet powerful apps.

The Team 

Thomas Sechehaye

As founder of the Mojo gang Thomas plays all parts. From managing a team of experts to translating creative ideas, he drives the innovative and business aspects of Viz Mojo Labs.


 Milly Sonneman

Seeing places no one ever thought Visual Thinking can travel. She helps people to lose the fear of expressing ideas visually. As a coach, she makes complex situations simple. If you want to put it all on one page — you best call Milly.

Relentlessly testing our applications, she is a user interface designer making essential design decisions.